Even if I use different techniques like engraving and painting, my creative approach never changes.

Actually I try to take possession of the given space (slab or canvas) in order to engrave for example a sign with the graver on the slab or to cast a coloured curve on the canvas, creating then a new spatiality which follows and conditions me until I free new signs, new shapes and new colours.

In this “poetic chain” an infinite spatial game is continuously created and only my aspiration to the essentiality can bring this composition to an end, in order to start all over again.

The final result, of graphics and paintings, could be light, musical, but sometimes the sensation of a pre-estabilished work comes out, and I feel really surprised because I never start from a model. In this sense I feel very close to the abstract artists of the 40-50s, especially to the english artist Victor Pasmore.

Recently I’ve realized two digital art videos with other artists, one focused on the theme of the city and the other on a free interpretation of Mino rosso’s sculptural work. During the assemblage we were able to follow the same creative process of the the engraving and of the painting (individual). Then we projected on the screen a sequence that inspired another one and so on until we finished all the filmed material, reproposing the same creative atmosphere, the same “poetic chain” of the engraving and the painting process.

The art video on the theme of the city entitled " Check-Point " looks fluent, light, almost dangling; on the contrary " Fisiogramma Musicale di Mino Rosso " flows as we scrupulously followed a story-board, completely inexistent.